New Years

Many people come out with some sort of “New Years Resolution” usually something along the lines of; eat healthier, work out more, quit smoking, but what is wrong with those things? 99% of people will give up, and then the cycle continues… they’ll just wait till the following New Years to create another “New Years Resolution” – Why do people quit their “New Years Resolution”? Because it doesn’t make them happier… and thats the truth. So what I’m asking you to do this year is simply live your life with an open-mind and see what the world has to offer, make new friends, see new places, laugh often, hate little. Become you. Become the you that you really want to be. Don’t care about what others may think about you, because life isn’t about what others think of you, its what you think of yourself. Be yourself, be happy, be all that you could be.


— Steven 01/05/16

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Hey everybody! Thanks for checking out my blog, this post is going to be why I believe that it is important to find time to meditate everyday and take time for yourself. But first let me start off by saying this, the other day my good friend asked me “Steven isn’t it kind of contradictory that you say you’re spiritual, and meditate when you aren’t religious?” You do not need to be religious to mediate, it doesn’t matter it you believe in Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Flying Spaghetti Monster, or whomever, meditation is good for your mind. I’m going to describe to you what happens when I mediate, and maybe one day I will even make a video on how I meditate. Everyday I set aside time for at least one meditation, and I try and be surrounded my nature while doing this, whether it is a trail, a park, your backyard or wherever you can find. Now on to how I feel.

I find a secluded place, I sit down legs crossed, I close my eyes, I listen to nature around me, all the birds chirping, squirrels running, deer eating off the bushes, frogs croaking, and I just let my ears absorb the sounds not paying any particular attention to a specific sound, I breathe in, while doing so I focus on the breath, I feel the air fill my lungs, and I exhale. When I exhale I feel these chills up and down my spine, it feels as if all the problems in my life just exit my body, as if all the weight is relieved from my shoulders. I continue the process; inhale… exhale… and listen… I let my mind just fill with anything it so pleases. I allow my mind to wander off into the abyss and discover the answers to the questions that it finds, I let it teach me. I feel the soft embrace of the wind across my face. I feel pure happiness, love, respect, admiration, I feel enlightened… Then after some time it could be 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 3 hours it doesn’t matter. I open my eyes, and I feel like I now have a clean slate, no worries, no negativity. Life seems to have meaning, it is as if the Language of the World flows through me, and I through it. And what makes this all so special is that for a few moments I can truly feel myself in the universe, and I can feel myself as one with it.

Meditation is a wonderful thing. It breeds happiness. It engages the human mind. It drops seeds for self-discovery, and enlightenment. It enables you to escape the altered reality that you are surrounded by, and allows you to discover your own reality, one in which the whole world is at peace. It give you the ability to see and feel what you really want out of this wonder life. David Lynch once said “ The thing about meditation is that it makes you more and more you.” — at the end of the day isn’t that what you truly desire? To be you, in all that you are? — I find that it is an absolute necessity to meditate every day, there is no reason not to. You are never too busy to meditate. Why wouldn’t you want to be at peace, and be happy, and stress free? An old Zen Adage “ You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day— unless you’re too busy— then you should sit for an hour.” So that is my ultimate recommendation to you. Meditate everyday, but at least try it so you can feel what I and so many others feel. Allow it to open your mind, and relax you, allow it to answer your questions, allow it to help guide you to who you really are.

So I would like to challenge each and every one of you to a meditation, and write back letting me know how you felt during and after. Feel free to write your own post, comment on this one, or email me at

-Steven 10-25-2015

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Find your Bridge – A Birthday Reflection

Here we are on my 20th birthday, so I do what any other rational person would do on their birthday… I reflect on everything that happened to me in the past year of my existence, and figure out how I am going to spend the next year. Before I go on reflecting I want to give you a visual representation of what I am going to write about.

This is a bridge that I see when I go on my daily reflection jog, it’s completely gorgeous and never ceases to amaze me.

So, these are the events that happened within the last year of my life and how it all builds up until now.(Might get a little depressing somewhere in here.) I discovered my passion for people, and helping others, as well as an admiration for retail, (not for the money, but for the people that you get to meet.) I worked for this company TigerDirect a company that I had waited six years to work for, I was the #1 Salesman in my district and Top 10 in my company in all categories, I had all the friends, money, and admiration I could possibly ask for. Some people might call it working, but to me it was playing because what I do for a living is my passion, and I wake up every day excited to do what I do. I gradually worked my way up the ranks to Assistant Sales Manager, and was on track to be Sales Manager of my store until one day. I was happier then I have ever been in my life, I discovered my passion, knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, started exercising and losing weight, hired people to give them jobs, until one day my entire world would come crashing down for a moment. Our parent company decided to close down 31/34 of our retail store fronts, and I was absolutely devastated, my soul crushed, my hopes and dreams shot down. I cried for days because I couldn’t believe it was actually happening, I bled for my company it was so bad that my coworkers had to have a meeting to discuss the best way to tell me that my store was closing. To put it in perspective, if I was only scheduled 30 hours, I would come in and work for and stay for 50 hours just to help out my coworkers, and my managers. Never got paid for those hours because we were commission, but I never asked for anything because I had pure enjoyment out of it. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t the only upset worker about this, but it did hit me the hardest, and everyone knew that. So what did I do when this happened, and all my coworkers show up to work with a look of despair on their faces, I show up to work every day like usual, with a big smile on my face, being the most optimistic person in building like always, and as all my coworkers gave up on the future of the company and no longer cared about its reputation, I was trying to give my customers the best experience possible even though I knew my job was going to soon come to an end, I wanted them to remain loyal to TigerDirect  even though TigerDirect was getting rid of my store and therefore my job. It started to wear down on me that the store was closing, and I would be losing all my friends I have made and worked with, but one day one of my former salesman that I managed Richard who moved on to Operations Manager at Sears shortly before my company’s announcement, he came into the store with his Store, Hiring, District manager to interview my entire store, he hired almost all of us (everyone was offered a job, some took other jobs elsewhere.) Till this day I find that one gesture as the most, kind, and compassionate act I have ever witnessed, I cherish what Richard did for me and my friends and I thank him everyday when I see him at work. Little did he know at the time that what he did really stuck with me, it really affected my mentality, he single handedly restored my faith for humanity in a time where it is sometimes hard to realize people can be genuinely nice. The store closed down two months later, and I am now employed by Sears. It was at this time that I took my self-reflection to the next level, I learned not to take life or the things in it for granted because you never know when it will end. I now work with a group of individuals that are much older than me, but they are from all different walks of life, they all provide me different talking points, and insights on life. (Although this super conservative pastor I work with may get on my nerves 99% of the time) I appreciate them, and they are like a little old, quirky family also. Now during this year of ups and downs, the most amazing thing happened… and in the most bizarre way I think it could’ve happened. I discovered who my sister was, and I met her. On instagram. Yeah a social network. That really puts life into perspective, we were raised 1000 miles away from each other, and after 19 years of my life I finally found out her name and where she was located. Now what really amazing about Abriella (her name) is that me and her are so much alike, we think the same, believe in the same things, and we can talk to each other openly which is seriously amazing, being the fact that we were raised different but ended up so much alike. Now my entire life I wanted a sister, and I knew I had a half-sister somewhere in the world, but I didn’t know who she was or where she was. When her and I discuss how we met we can only come up with one answer, THE UNIVERSE SET THE COURSE, meeting her couldn’t have come at a better time in my life, she always wanted to be a big sister, and I always wanted a sister, and she acts as so much more to me, and it is amazing how much she means to in such a little time, and how much she has changed my life also. She is someone I can relate to when most of my friends don’t think like me, she acts as a sister to lean on, a  mentor for life, and a role-model. She is the most genuinely nice person I know and I am thankful that the universe has provided me with her. Plus she introduced me to this awesome thing they call a Social Nexus – Vipassana I’ll be joining shortly, and I think you all will like it check it out at V.LIFE . And check out her blog! I’ll link her below and add it to the sidebar.

Abriella’s Blog

Now how does that picture of the bridge fit into all of this? That bridge like all other bridges is a way to cross an obstacle and continue the journey that you were on. My self-enlightenment started when I was 19, and I just turned 20 today, when I look back at it I had an amazing 19th year even with the closing of my second home. And I believe that the universe has a way of providing you with what you ask for, and knows exactly when to provide it. My life just like yours can only get better moving forward. In the last year I have learned to appreciate the small things in life, from the snails sliding on the ground to the bee pollinating a flower. Never take things for granted. Appreciate your time and the people around you, and most importantly I’ve discovered who I really am, and why I am here. This day acts as my bridge, a moment in which once I cross it I continue the journey I am on, and I won’t stop until it is over. That is the way you must live your life, whenever there is an obstacle in your life just find the bridge and continue on your path. Don’t let anything ever get you down, because I am proof that even when everything seems down in the dumps, you can rise above and make it out alive. So here is my advice, find your bridge I found mine in the combination of Richard and Abriella, they helped me through the obstacle so I can continue on the journey.

When life throws you an obstacle, find the bridge, cross it and continue the journey.

-Steven Milazzo 10/07/2015

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What is Life, and its Meaning? Part One

*** This is a very hard topic to narrow down completely, there will be continuous posts about this throughout this blog.***


What is life, and what is the meaning of it? When I ask this question to my friends, family, and colleagues I usually get the same answer, something along the lines of be successful, have a house, have a lot of money. But to me honestly, all those answers are backwards. Life can’t possibly be defined by material things. To me life is defined by finding true happiness in yourself, and discovering who you truly are, and trying to make others lives better. I think Will Smith said it best when he said “If you aren’t making someone else’s life better, than you’re wasting your time” Most of us were raised in a time where we were told that we have to get a college education to be successful, and make money, and have a good life. Why can’t we have a good life without a college education? The system is flawed because the system is just trying to obtain as much money as possible, for a select few. I dropped out of college, and I honestly can say that it was the best decision I have made in my entire life. It helped me discover who I really am, and what I want out of my life, and contrary to our life teachings from our elders, I am making a very good amount of money without a formal education. Why? Because the world is my teacher, there is so much that this planet can teach us.


I am a firm believer that you need to find your passion in life, and once you do, you will be genuinely happy for the rest of your life because you are doing something that makes you happy regardless of the situations. My idol Alan Watts opened my mind to who and what I want to become when he asked the question “What would you like to do if money was no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?’ That made me think real hard about life because too often people do jobs that they don’t like or enjoy because it brings home a decent paycheck, so they can buy nice, new shiny things, but by doing so they work too long hours to even truly enjoy what they had purchased. Later on in this speech he said “if you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your life completely wasting your time. You’ll be doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living, that is to go on doing things you don’t like doing, which is stupid. Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way.”  By far the most true statement I have ever listened to or read in my entire life.


Life should be a journey of purpose, discovering who you are, and what you want to be, how you want to accomplish it, and how you are going to better someone else’s life. What legacy are you going to leave behind? How are you going to be remembered? Are you going to be remembered as someone that just joined the oiled machine, put in your 40 hour work week for 60 years and when the time came you retired and then don’t have the energy to do anything you truly wanted to do with your life? Or are you going to be someone that lives for themselves, do what you are passionate about, and not care about the money, accomplish all your life goals, and dreams, and make this world a better place by starting from within?

This is part one of a very complicated topic to put into words. So please stick around, comment what you think, make a post of your own. What is important to you? What is your meaning to life?


  • Steven Milazzo 10/06/2015
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Why America Isn’t the Greatest Country in the World Anymore

Please be advised that this following post may seem to narrow-minded people as an un-American piece, so please read this in full and try to understand where I am coming from with this.

The other day I started watching a show on HBO Go called The Newsroom if you haven’t already seen it I highly advise that you do. This show spoke truth and helped see life from a different perspective, and in the first episode the character Will McAvoy gave one of the greatest and insightful speeches I have ever heard before.

Listen to it here then continue reading.

So there you have it. America is not the greatest country in the world anymore and that is simply a fact. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate my country, I just hate the way that it is going now. America like any company has deviated away from their core, their values. We persecute people based on; race, religion, gender, income, sexuality, nationality. America is not a democracy anymore… I hate to say it, but it is true, and take this from a guy who went to school for Political Science. US Politics isn’t about trying to better society, or making the future better for future generations, it is simply about money. I’m not saying all politicians are in it for greed look at representative Bernie Sanders from Vermont, he is running for president on the donations of citizens alone. My problem is the fact that we have politicians that have no term limits and make a career out of politics which just leads to less progression as a country because you will consistently have the same representatives with the same beliefs in office, and we all know it is near impossible to outvote an incumbent when it comes time to elections. Then you have people complaining that they aren’t represented, or they don’t like the way we are going, etc. But those are the same people that didn’t even go to vote on election day. How does less then 30% of our entire population vote… And then you have a vast majority of people that only care about the presidential candidate and either always vote Red or always vote Blue, they never care or research candidates running for congress even though they are the ones that truly make the laws (make it as complicated as can be) You have companies that fund a candidates campaign in return for the candidate to help make laws that better help that company find loopholes/make more money/sketchy things. Why?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Because politicians just want the power, the money, the greed.

We don’t represent each candidate adequately, we only care about Republicans and Democrats, and only the candidates that can get enough funds to be on TV. Candidates don’t even run on based on policies anymore, all they do is launch smear campaigns against their opponents. They don’t run on their ideas either, they run on whatever their parties platform is at the time.

We literally have started a war in this country on whether or not you are Red or if you are Blue. We have politicians using religion as a fundamental grounds for law decisions even though our country was founded on the principle of SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE….

We live in a country that teaches us at a young age that we are the only free country in the world, the most free country in the world, that we are the smartest, greatest, most technologically advanced nation on the face of this planet. Well we are as of 2015, 12th in freedom whats funny about that is the country that is number 1 in the world is a country that the Republican party thinks we need to be worried about is China (Hong Kong), followed by Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Chile, Estonia, Ireland, Mauritius, Denmark, and finally United States… CAN YOU TELL ME HOW THE CREATORS OF MODERN DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM AREN’T EVEN NUMBER 1 LET ALONE THE TOP 10! Let that soak in for a second….

Education haha that’s a joke, America who claims that we are the smartest nation earth when we rank 24th in literacy, 17th in overall educational performance, 34th in math, and then to further prove how conservative and narrow-minded we are we rank 33rd in acceptance of evolution. Maybe these stats have to do with the fact that America puts only 4% of its budget towards education, but 58% towards military.

I was talking to my coworkers today and that the reason this country will fail is because we feel entitled, we want to flex our guns, and we feel as if we are indestructible. We are the equivalent of that teenager that thinks they are indestructible, so we decide to drag race and text and drive on a rainy day, then crash into a tree and die. We are not indestructible.

There it is, another fact I just researched. We are 21st in the world for democracy, the leaders are Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, etc even the United Kingdom is above us.

And for those liberties that you think you have so many of. On the Democracy Index of 2012 puts Norway at number one for civil liberties with a score of 10.00 and America with a whooping score of 8.53.

America needs to get big business out of politics by preventing corporations from donating to political campaigns. America needs to cut spending on military since we spend more then the next 23 countries combined, we need to invest in health-care, education and infrastructure. We need to fix the democratic system.

These are my beginning thoughts on politics so you all will see where I stand.

Feel free to give me topics to talk about, and comment, and share this article with friends.

– Steven Milazzo 10/01/2015

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My 10 Laws That I Live By

The other day my sister (We discovered each other on instagram! Isn’t life so magical) posted on her blog her 10 Laws That She Lives By, she got the idea from a song by East Forest called 10 Laws, if you haven’t already heard this song I strongly encourage you to, because it really makes you think, and reflect on yourself. I loved the idea so much that I decided to do a post about it myself, I am challenging you to comment or post your own 10 Laws.

These are my 10 Laws that I live by, and why.

  • Find Your Passion: When you find your passion in life it gives your life meaning, it gives you a reason to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face. Even when it is tough and pushing you towards your limits you are still happy to be doing it simply because it makes you happy. When I was in my early teens I discovered that my passion was helping people, so now any job I do, or anyone I talk to I try and help them. Once you find your passion you will feel internal happiness. What would you do if money was no option?
  • Be Open-Minded (Don’t Judge Anything Prematurely): I learned early on that being open-minded is a trait that not many have especially in our country. Being narrow-minded causes problems because it gives you ground to judge people before you understand their situation, and where they are coming from. That is why I made it one of my fundamental rules I follow. I don’t judge anyone or anything until I either try it, experience it, or here where they are coming from. I will try new foods, listen to new music, listen to other’s religious ideas even if they differ to mine, listen to both sides of the political spectrum, and that is also why I plan on, and am going to visit all countries in the world and live amongst them, so I can learn their culture and see if what I am taught here in America is really how it is. Never speak as if you have experience in something or somewhere unless you have been there or experienced it for yourself, because it might be completely different than what you originally thought. This is essentially the same thing as Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover !
    • Always Be Optimistic(Always Smile): Listen, life can be tough sometimes that’s a given. Life, situations, people, will all make you upset at some point in your life and there is no avoiding it. But this is important LIFE IS ALL ABOUT PERSPECTIVE and you can’t feel upset or depressed at a situation unless you react to it that way, so react to it in a positive way. By doing that, not only will you feel better, everyone around you will feel better because people feed off energy, people respond based on how you react to a situation (Trust me on this, I’m in the sales business) I’m notoriously known, for being too optimistic. There is no such thing as being too optimistic. So whenever a tough moment comes up, or you see someone upset, try and cheer them up and tell them to think of the bright side. Life has a funny way of making things work out for the better. Always remember that. Smiling instantly makes you happier, and smiling is contagious, smiling makes everyone smile.
  • Always Be Kind: This one should be a given, you should always be kind whether it’s being kind to another person, or an animal, or nature. Treat everyone how you would like to be treated. This works out good in so many ways, being kind, and respecting others is one of the most important rules to living an amazing life. Never lash out at someone. Treat others as you want to be treated and you will not just be making your life easier and better, but you’ll be making everyone’s life better.
  • Learn Something New Everyday: Learn something new everyday, learn something that you enjoy. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t ask a question on how something works, or a day I don’t research something. My brain is filled with thousands of miscellaneous facts that I’ve looked up throughout my life. When you are learning something you are keeping your mind active, try and learn something everyday because it helps develop you, you become something better, knowledge is a powerful thing, and a stagnant mind makes the body go weak. Remember that. Whether you are learning the origin of your favorite sports team, or learning about Estonian cuisine, just keep your mind active. Plus random facts are an awesome conversation starter!
  • Appreciate Where You Came From:  This one has two key points associated with it. Appreciate your heritage and where you came from, and appreciate nature as it has taken care of us for hundreds of thousands of years. Do you know how much effort went into getting where you are now? In my case my family came over from Italy coming over on a boat, and started a brand new life here in America. Behind every person is a story of that can and will be passed on from generation to generation. Understanding “Where” you came from isn’t just a historical thing and it isn’t necessarily just a location, it can be specific events, choices, passions, what made you truly you? Respect all the decisions that you have made in your life that led you to the path you are on. As for nature, respect the fact that the earth has taken care of mankind for the hundreds of thousands of years humans have been on this planet, and it has been taking care of the creatures on it for millions. Just think, 85,000 years ago your ancestor was eating berries, and made clothes from the hide of animals they hunted for food. The earth was integral in your survival and still is.
  • Always Speak Your Mind: This one is important to me, and vital to this blog. Always say what’s on your mind because it is the truth, don’t try and lie there is no reason to. The truth even if it hurts will only hurt the other for a short time, they WILL get over whatever you said to them. But I look at this in the way that you were given the ability to speak, so speak. Keeping things bottled up inside just leads to added stress that you don’t need in your life, and it will bring your mood down always. It is always better to be honest with someone, and be upfront about it. Always. Don’t be afraid of your opinion, or thoughts, and ideas, you are entitled to them just like everyone else is.
  • Have Goals Have Dreams: This one seems like it would be a given, well in our society it definitely isn’t. You would be surprised how many people go about their lives without ever trying to make something of themselves.They just live life stuck in the norm, never trying to move up the personal/corporate ladder, or simply thinking that they can’t achieve what they want, so they just give up. You NEED goals in your life for so many reasons, it is your duty to make something of yourself. DON’T BE NORMAL why would you want to be? No matter how big or small your goals are, have them! Whether it be getting an A on an exam, or buying a car, or traveling the world, or finding the love of your life. Set those goals and achieve them. For me personally for every 1 big goal I have, I have 6 smaller goals. Why? because when you achieve a small goal it makes you feel good because you accomplished something, you were successful, and success feeds off success. Now I could have made have dreams its own separate law, but it fits right in with having goals. You need to have goals in place to accomplish your dreams. It is very important to have dreams because it gives you something to look forward to. You’ve got to keep dreaming. Without dreams people perish. You need to have dreams they inspire the heart, and they inspire the soul. Everything we have today was the result of someone else’s dream… look down at your phone the smartphone was a result of Steve Jobs having a dream to make a piece of technology that was an extension of the human body, he accomplished it. So don’t be afraid to dream, and don’t be afraid to make the goals to achieve them. Just remember to write down your goals, because when you write them down that is how you know you are serious about it.
  • Money is not Happiness: There is so many ways I can phrase this law, this law is one of my most passionate ones, and one of the hardest to understand, because we are raised in a society that teaches us that if you have more money you can buy more things, bigger and better things, but material objects do not bring us true happiness so the point of this law is to not make money the center of your world, don’t make it your goal, money doesn’t represent anything, it does not make you more valuable. It does not make you a better person because you make more money at the end of the year. Money doesn’t make you happy, your experiences, friends, family, nature all make you happy. It is kind of a paradox, and a challenge to follow this law. Money is great and it is needed and I will agree to that, and I encourage you to go out and try and make as much money as you can, but NEVER put money before friends, family, and never let money blind you. Money is the root of all evil, it is the reason this country is going to collapse, it killed democracy. Make enough money to take care of yourself, and live a simple life, and I promise you that if you do not put money as the key component to your happiness you will forever be happier in this lifetime, because if you equate money to happiness then you spend the rest of your life stressing over having more money to buy things, you spend more time working, you spend less time hanging out with friends, or with family, or exploring the world, you spend more time working to buy things, but because of the extra time you are working to buy that shiny new game console or what have you, you have no time to use it. Money is needed in this life (I wish it wasn’t) but do not make it the center of your universe.
  • Stay True to Yourself: This is a culmination of all other laws. This law embodies who you are, and what you want to be. Never, ever, and I mean it change for anyone. You know who you are, you know who you want to be. You don’t have to change for the girl/guy you like, you don’t need to change your beliefs because your parents said they are wrong. It is your responsibility as a human being to provide yourself with the happiest and best life you can provide. Never settle, never give up on your dreams, never change who you are. You are you, it isn’t bad to be different, or weird. It is truly a disappointment to be normal. Do your life justice and never change your beliefs and who you are. Because after-all, if you are true to yourself you will be truly happy. Listen to your mind, as it is a powerful tool. I’ve learned that, it’s not really about changing who you are, but rather realizing who you’ve always been – and then letting that flow into everything you think, say and do.

These are my 10 Laws That I Live By. I challenge you to post your own 10 laws, comment them, facebook, twitter, blog them or email them. I want to hear your 10 laws that you live by.

Thank you for reading my blog it means a lot, please share as this blog will only be getting better, and better.

  • Steven Milazzo 9/25/2015
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Basic Rules to Happiness

So here I am, lying outside on the grass, and as I gaze above me all I see is a sky full of beautiful glowing lights, flickering out in the distance. Ya’ know what makes that amazing? The fact that these flickering lights are stars, and they are hundreds of light years away off in the distance and I can see them down here on earth, doesn’t that put life into perspective? The universe is so massive, in-fact it is infinitely growing, every day, every year the universe keeps expanding, and we are a part of that. Wow… as I look above now a plane just flew above my head, it’s amazing to think that it is possible for another human to hop on a plane and fly to another destination on this planet. Where are they going? What are they going to see? There was a time in our existence where we didn’t have the ability to do that. Life was a mystery, no one knew what was across the ocean, or if something was even there. We didn’t know other people  existed until we made boats to navigate and explore, so who knows maybe there are other life-forms out there in the universe, maybe they are not too far away, and we are both just waiting, trying to figure out a way to explore our galaxy, and universe… We just have to get there.

Lying here, being able to write this blog, being able to be around nature, I feel complete bliss right now. You ever have those moments when you feel just weightless? Those times when nothing in the world can possibly upset you? That is the feeling I have right now at this very minute. If you have never experience that feeling then I have to tell you honestly that you have been living your life with the wrong mindset, not to sound mean or anything, but how could you not have experienced that before? Think about it. Out of your whole life, everyone, and everything in it you never felt truly happy?

That should speak to you heavily. You only have one life and it is yours to make it the very best you possibly can, there isn’t a reason that you can give me that justifies you wanting to have a meek, boring, average life. You should want to be happy, you should want to make something of yourself. Well you’re probably thinking “Well Steven if it’s that easy how do I do that?” Well reader you’re right, I do make it seem easy, and that’s because I have gone my entire life trying to find the good in the world. I never settle. I believe there are a few rules that you have to follow to be truly happy.

  • Find your passion, no matter what it is whether it be; playing the guitar, going on hiking, playing a sport, working, whatever it is find your passion. I found my passion years ago, and that was to help people in any way I can, try and give back. I’m a salesman, not for the money because I could care less about the money(more on that later) I love meeting people, I love hearing their stories, I feel as if when I sell someone a product I am bettering their lives, or that I am making them happy. I donate a lot of my money to charities, or give it to a homeless man on the street, or donate it to an animal shelter (more on giving back later.) I wake up every morning at 6:00am excited to go to work even though I’m not scheduled till 10:00am. Why? Because I love what I do, I found my passion. Once you find your passion, you will be happy, you will wake up before the alarm clock even tries to startle you awake.

Every morning wake up and ask yourself, If today was my last day on earth would I still do what I am about to do today? If the answer is yes everyday, then you my friend have found your passion.

Your passion can change as we progress through our lives, and it is our duty to ourselves to keep finding it.

  • Explore the world. Make time to explore nature. Everyday I will take my dog for a walk, winding up in a park, or forest, or trail of some sort, why is this important? Because more often than not nature is untouched in these areas, it brings you back to your roots, and it puts life in perspective. All the nature around you is it’s own ecosystem, always remember that nature was here way before you and I were. Respect it.
  • Have dreams. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? You have to something to look forward to motivate the mind and the soul. Without dreams we all will be die. What is the point of your life if you don’t have any dreams? If you don’t have any dreams all you’re doing is going day by day without trying to better yourself. Think of it this way. I’m going to paraphrase a saying Jim Rohn once said. Have you ever heard of a tree growing half it’s height? NO! A tree will grow as much as it possibly can! Humans are the only life-form that will never grow as much as it possibly can, why? Because humans don’t push themselves towards their maximum potential. (willing don’t push themselves) —- More often than not humans are content with their daily life. Notice the key word there “content”  that doesn’t sound like happy to me. Have a dream to better yourself, so you can be happy with your life. ‘

These are my basic three rules for being truly happy, I have more, but once you start to follow these three rules you will be off on the right track . Wake up every morning and ask yourself “Am I truly happy?” if the answer is no, then you need to change your life. now.

Thank you for reading! Tell me below what are your basic rules to happiness?

Check back in tomorrow for another post!

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  • Steven 9/23/2015
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My Introduction!

Hey there! My name is Steven, and this is my first post, so I’m going to give you a little background about who I am(I hope it is since you navigated here) I am originally from the 718 Staten Island,New York. At the time of this post I am just 19 years old, and I had what I would call a fortunate life, from an unfortunate situation, I was raised with a wonderful woman that I call my Mom, Aprile. She was in a very abusive situation with my father, so one day my Mom got a few days worth of clothes, some of my toys, and packed her car up and left him, I wasn’t even two. My mother always put me first just as any mother should, she took multiple jobs, and provided me with anything I could have ever asked for. When I was in 2nd grade my Mom was in a terrible car accident that resulted in her breaking most of her back, and neck, (this absolutely destroyed my mom emotionally because she wouldn’t be able to play catch, or do any father figure like things with me again) Later on into my adolescent years my Mom gave me the greatest gift that any New York kid could ask for… SEASON TICKETS TO THE NY METS at Shea/Citi-Field it was at this point in my life that I was having the time of my life, I was able to meet the players, and get hundreds of autographs that just sit on shelves, and mounted on the wall for me to look at and cherish everyday.(Yes I was extremely spoiled) At the end of my freshman year my Mom was diagnosed with cancer, and she shipped me down to live with my Aunt Michelle, in the most polar opposite state I could think of… North Carolina now this wouldn’t have been so bad, since we were planning on moving down there anyway, but now I wasn’t moving with my Mom, and I was moving in with my Aunt who is completely different than my Mom and I. My Aunt is extremely frugal, and conservative and I as you will learn am very, very, liberal. Aunt Michelle, never bought me things other then food, and it was an adventure to get clothes, as she would only buy me clothes when I legitimately grew out of my old one -_- (That was torture for a stylish New York kid) but what Aunt Michelle taught me was something I still appreciate to this day, and that was to work hard to have what you have, and in return you will appreciate it much more. I soon got a job, followed by a car, and fancy electronics. Fast-forward to my freshman year in college (My mom did end up recovering from here cancer two years later and joining me in North Carolina) I went to William Peace University in Raleigh, NC to study Political Science, I then got a job with my dream company, (computer, and electronics retailer) Which was a commission job, which further helped me learn the value of hard work, and truly how valuable your time is, but the important part that’s where it all started, my passion for people, customer service, and business. Now this may sound crazy but I loved my job so much that I was scheduled 30 hours, but I stayed for 50 just to help with store operations, and I even put my own money into helping my coworkers sell more! But just as my life was going amazing Systemax the company that owned decided to close all retail stores that were not attached to a warehouse. And there it was my passion, my second home… gone. (I was about to be promoted to Sales Manager in a month)And to finally give you a up-to-date on my current status, I live in Apex, NC working for the department store juggernaut known as Sears selling home appliances.

Now we can get to the point of this blog, ever since I was a little boy I have been; outspoken, loud, with a very liberal set of beliefs, with a real knack of understanding people. I constantly go on rants with my friends, and customers, and family about my beliefs. So that’s the point of this blog, to post My words for you all to read and see, please feel free to comment, disagree, point out a flaw, or make a point, go for it, I love to here opinions, I love people.

One day, a long time ago, when I was a young boy I was looking up at the stars and I truly had a revelation. How do we fit together? Where do we come from? What are other countries like? Along with a million other questions. I made it my goal from that point on to visit every single country in the world, and not in a “tourist” way, I want to backpack, volunteer, work, live, learn among the people and see how their culture truly differs from ours here in America. Are other countries really as bad as our government makes them out to be? Are we as free as we think? These are all things I want to find out. And in 2016 I will accomplish my goal. I am going to travel through Europe, to the Asian countries, and who knows maybe I will find a country that I absolutely adore, and want to spend the rest of my life in, maybe I meet the love of my life, maybe I start a business overseas, who knows. But right now look forward to reading my words, and I will look forward to reading your comments,

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– Steven 09/22/2015

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